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About Taigatech

The company was formed with a vision of sustainable forestry by making Artificial Intelligence available to sawmills. The name connecting the northern coniferous forest belt “Taiga” with new innovation. With world-leading research from Chalmers University of Technology, we create solutions to help our customers reach their goals by contributing to increased saw yield, availability and productivity.

We believe that the forest and wooden products have an important role to play in the society of the future. We also believe that AI and new technology will lead to increased productivity and quality. Therefore, we want to help our customers solve their most important problems by developing new innovative solutions.

Our history

Taigatech's roots

The idea for Taigatech came from a bachelor's thesis at a sawmill from one of the leading Nordic sawmill groups. The objective of our first project was to digitize the value chain by creating traceability of the raw material with image analysis. With new technology from Chalmers University of Technology, we created a unique fingerprint of each log's end surface.

After that, we have developed solutions to control log turning at the saw, camera systems for quality inspection and automated process monitoring. Today, the team consists of six dedicated employees with an office in Gothenburg.

AwardsPrizes and awards

The team behind the vision Taigatech consists of an ambitious team with competence and interest in artificial intelligence, product development and sawmills.

CEO and founder

Christoffer Johnsson

+46 76 196 34 30

Business developer and founder

John Randelin

+46 70 780 74 26

Software developer and founder

Arvid Viktorsson

+46 72 209 52 97

Board member and founder

Professor Fredrik Kahl

Leading the research group in computer vision at Chalmers

Product developer and founder

Antonio Butkovic

+46 76 716 62 20

Business development and founder

Erik Dahl

+46 70 031 19 32

Board member

Alexandra Hellekant

Board member

Machine learning and computer vision

Mattias Ulmestrand

+46 73 897 86 88

Chairman of the board

Olle Axell

Chairman of the board with great industrial experience.

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