About us

About us

About Taigatech

The company was formed with a vision of sustainable forestry by making Artificial Intelligence available for the sawmill industry. Taigatech connects the northern coniferous forest belt, Taigan with new innovation. With a technology established at Chalmers, a unique ID is created that enables traceability at the individual level for each log.

By being able to follow the log’s journey through the entire value chain, information can be recovered to optimize the sawing process and maximize resource utilization. Therefore, our solution contributes to improved timber quality, reduced felling and efficient use of resources.

Our history

The origin of Taigatech

John Randelin and Antonio Butkovic became interested for the sawmill and forestry industry early during their university studies. Through a discussion 2020 with one of the largest sawmill group in Sweden, it emerged that one of the biggest challenges in the industry is traceability.

After that meeting, the idea to introduce traceability throughout the entire value chain with the help of image recognition was created. Today, the team has grown larger with competencies in many important areas. Today, there are constant dialogues with both sawmills and companies that supply advanced machines to sawmills.

AwardsAwards and prizes

The team behind Taigatech Taigatech consists of a team with mixed competencies from both business development with an IT focus, research in image analysis and students in various specializations

CEO and Co-Founder

Christoffer Johnsson

I am passionate about new innovations and creating value from them. It feels great to being able to do this for one of Sweden’s most important industry

Chairman of the Board and Co-founder

John Randelin

My responsibility is to manage financial issues and build long-term goals. But I like to delve into detailed questions about our technology and strategy.

Co-founder and system development

Arvid Viktorsson

I am responsible for all our different systems and how they perform their tasks and communicate with each other.

Board member and Co-founder

Fredrik Kahl

I am a professor in mathematics and lead the research group in computer vision at Chalmers. I develop Taigatech’s image analysis algorithm

Co-founder and product development

Antonio Butkovic

I lead the design and construction of Taigatech’s product according to the industry’s requirements.

Board member and Co-founder

Erik Dahl

My responsibility revolves around strategy issues, IP and agreements. But I am happy to be involved in developing everything from software to hardware.

Board member

Alexandra Hellekant

I represent Taigatech’s partner Annevo and deal with issues concerning corporate governance, business development and HR.

Partners & Support Thank you to those of you who support us in our development and commercialization