Process surveillance

About process surveillance


Monitoring with AI software

Monitor the zones with sophisticated algorithms that make online decisions to prevent downtime.


Use your existing hardware

We flexibly utilize existing surveillance cameras or suggest new cameras and placements for increased precision.


Integrate into control systems

Through direct communication to the control system, we can stop the belt at the right time or correct any deviations.

How it worksMonitoring the processes at a sawmill requires both experience and wit. By utilizing existing video streams, we can train algorithms that make same decisions that the operator would normally make. The upside is also faster decisions, interaction with the control and no dependence on the individual skills or moods of different operators.

Prevent breaks

Avoid downtime

Anticipate deviations and remedy them before they lead to breakdowns or crash. Also avoid false triggering of photocells.


Better productivity

Through automated process monitoring, you can get more out productivity. This is achieved by reducing the amount of stops and the ability to have faster flow.


Make great savings

Increased productivity and reduced machine damage give you increased return on machinery and increased turnover.